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Veterinary Acupuncture

Dr. Jenny Bauman, our veterinarian specializing in acupuncture, provides patients with acupuncture treatments for dog and cat pain relief and in support of other rehabilitative therapies. 

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Acupuncture for Healing & Recovery Support

In traditional medical practices, acupuncture is often used as a way to promote the healing process through the renewal of balance and energy throughout the body. 

This old form of medical treatment is grounded in the philosophy that illness is caused by an imbalance in the vital energies of the body. In a modern sense, acupuncture can help your pet to recover from illness or injury by stimulating blood flow and oxygenation in their tissues.

At Phoenix Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center, our Dr. Bauman is able to provide therapeutic acupuncture treatments to your pet in tandem with other treatments and therapies in order to stimulate your pet's natural healing processes and encourage the success of their recovery from injury, trauma or illness. 

Acupuncture, Phoenix

The Acupuncture Technique

The acupuncture process involves the insertion of small needles into an animal's body at exact points, called meridians, where blood vessels converge with your pet's nerves.

The needles help guide your pet's vital energy along these meridians (or rather, support your companion's nervous system and promote their circulation) in order to enhance their body's existing healing abilities. 

Common Acupuncture Uses

Our veterinary specialist will often recommend the use of acupuncture or other kinds of traditional medical techniques, including:

  • Pain Management

    Medical treatments such as chemotherapy can feel very uncomfortable for your pet. They will often be combined with acupuncture in an effort to relieve some discomfort, helping your cat or dog to fight their illness.

  • Musculoskeletal Issues

    Acupuncture can often be used for injury rehabilitation. Conditions such as arthritis, nerve injuries and hip dysplasia also tend to respond well to acupuncture.

  • Dermatology & Skin Issues

    Acupuncture treatment can help encourage increased circulation, which can help hot spots, granulomas and allergic dermatitis. It can also improve healing and reduce pain, leading to less itching and subsequent over-grooming.

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

    Acupuncture may stimulate digestive secretions, which helps to promote healthy digestive activity. Conditions such as diarrhea or nausea may benefit from increased blood flow.

  • Respiratory Issues

    The immune-calming and anti-inflammatory capabilities of acupuncture treatment can improve asthma, allergies and other conditions.

Treatable Conditions with Acupuncture

  • Metabolic Diseases

    Acupuncture can help with metabolic disorders by regulating your pet's endocrine system, improving digestion, and relieving oxidative stress. Acupuncture treatment also aims to improve blood flow to the tissues which boosts oxygenation and the removal of toxins and metabolic waste.

  • Arthritis

    Arthritis' pain and discomfort may also be relieved using acupuncture for pets because of the endorphins released throughout the process, In some instances, acupuncture may even reduce the need for conventional pain medications. Acupuncture may also be used to help alleviate pain in pets that won't be able to tolerate conventional pain management medications. 

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

    Joint disease is common in pets and can seriously impact your pet's quality of life. Acupuncture aims to decrease the pain and tension associated with joint issues, making movement easier for your cat or dog.

  • Cancer

    The goal of acupuncture as a cancer patient is to support our patients' natural healing abilities. It does this by encouraging your pet's blood flow and immune system function.

    Veterinary acupuncture can be used to help relieve the side effects of traditional cancer treatments in addition to helping to treat the disease itself.

  • Trauma

    If your pet has experienced an injury or trauma, such as an accident, fall, or fight, inflammation and pain may result. Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese veterinary medicines can be used to treat these symptoms and help your pet recover and return to good health.

The Benefits

Acupuncture for pets provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Pets in poor health will benefit from the lack of systemic side effects
  • Lowers the amount of waste products produced
  • Helps relax muscles and relieve pain
  • Improves metabolic waste removal from the body
  • Promotes an increased blood flow which boosts oxygen in tissues

Our Acupuncture Specialist

Dr. Jenny Bauman is responsible for the acupuncture treatments available at Phoenix Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center. She is passionate about providing your cat or dog with pain relief as well as assisting them in their healing process. 

Acupuncture is often conducted in addition to other treatments and therapies, either to help your pet to recover from an invasive procedure as quickly as possible, or to reduce inflammation, promote circulation and encourage mobility.

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